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Let's push your product experience to the next level.

For the past 3 years, I've collaborated with startups, organizations, and clients to learn more about their users and deliver solutions to resolve user-faced problems.

Whether you're a CEO who wants help on aspects of UX strategy, or need someone to work with your designers and developers on a design system, I'm there to help.

I work on and ship products that meet your operational goals, enable higher conversion rates, and create satisfying experiences for users.

How this process works


Initial Consultation
When you fill out the form below, I'll reach out via email to schedule a consultation with you. I'll go over your needs, budget, timeline, and your expectations for the project, which I'll put into a proposal for your review.


Review & Accept Proposal
You'll receive a proposal from me via email detailing requirements, process, delivery, and payment concerning the project. You'll need to review and accept the proposal as well as its terms before we go any further; of course, I'll make revisions if you request them.


Project In Progress
I'll get to work as quickly as possible to meet your timeline and goals for your project. Usually during our consultation, I'll collect your availability to schedule periodic check-ins with you to update you on progress and make any requested changes to deliverables.


All Done!
When all things are set to sail, I'll provide you with a deliverable package that you can share with your team or prepare as a development handoff. I'll send you a feedback form when everything settles to gather your thoughts about how the entire project went!

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A few things you should know about this form...

💰 I only disclose my hourly rate and charges for deliverables during our 1-to-1 consultation; this rate may increase based on the complexity of the project you are asking for.

🗳 Filling out this form does not guarantee that I will be working on your project. I will of course respond to any email or form response you send me!

🔒 Your information is securely stored and never sold to any third parties. I ensure that this information stays between you and me.