Is Social Commerce The New Evolution of E-Commerce?

While companies struggled post-pandemic in conversion, I worked with an ambitious company in a new space.


In 2021, I worked with a startup on the forefront of transforming e-commerce, where I served as a product designer tasked with improving our conversion and engagement metrics.

When I had joined the team at Basic.Space, I was onboarded onto a lean product team with no designers and an outdated third-party design system. I came in determined to create a new standard for design within the company.

While working on optimizations to enhance the site's offerings, I was also tasked with thinking of how to modify features of the site to meet more conventional standards for e-commerce and increase our metrics of engagement and conversion.

I concluded my work having redesigned the site from the ground up, while also implementing a new NFT marketplace and introducing a membership program to the platform.

Project Outcomes
NFT bidding function, membership program, UX audit, Figma design setup, component library, complete redesign for all site pages
I entered Basic.Space as a product designer and worked with a product manager and developer to rapidly design new features and incremental changes to the site.
Key Tools & Software Used
Something I learned

E-commerce ≠ Social Commerce

E-commerce shopping is a great way to bring customers convenience, multiple options or recommendations, and engage users with new trends. Basic.Space deviates from what's described as algorithmic and dulling - the team labels the platform as social commerce, aiming to engage the community over individual experiences. Hand-picked, high-profile sellers are brought onto the platform to sell to their followers, who thus comprise the community and help it grow.

My design work when thinking of social commerce had to consider scalability: how would the platform handle how interactions happen between more sellers, more products, and more customers? There's potential for many new ideas, including social engagement between users and items on Basic.Space, or between sellers, or even users and sellers. With all this considered, there is a golden catch: e-commerce and social commerce are not the same, but there are compromises to be met, especially when a key business goal is making sales.


A handful of things I worked on:

NFTs on Basic.Space
My first project assigned when onboarding was creating functionality to bid for non-fungible token (NFT) artwork on the platform. We debuted NFTs in a partnership with Naomi Osaka, a world-renowned tennis player, and raised $700,000 in profit.
Establishing a design setup on Figma
I entered a small product team who, at the time, had no designers before. I converted their collection of Adobe XD files to Figma and organized production files in category-appropriate folders for the team's use.
UX audit on site functions
My most ambitious work was determining usability issues with the site's main e-commerce functionality, and proposing ways to move forward to increase engagement, customer conversion, and user satisfaction.
Component library for design work
I helped create a component library that would carry specific elements of a webpage design across the entire collection of Figma files. These components carried over to existing and new files as they became relevant.
Sitewide redesign -- from the ground up
When the findings for the UX audit got to higher management, I was then tasked with finding solutions to the usability issues I found. I spent time focusing on fitting items to a 1280px breakpoint and designing elements with conventions to traditional e-commerce approaches.
Creating a new membership program
I helped journey & produce a new program that would incentivize user spending through an entirely fresh rewards system. The program had to be fleshed out to be "canonized" at every customer touchpoint in terms of content and user flows of conversion.

Want to hear more?

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