I'm currently working alongside a group of innovators keen on making NFTs a mainstream force of unique verification, from social media posts to tangible items like houses and cars.

Duration & Deliverables
September 2021 - Present

"Wire-flows", components, and prototype designs for features on Minti and sister platform Fangible
I was recruited by Minti to serve as a UI Designer for their upcoming feature launches.
Key Tools & Software
I partnered up with the team at Minti to deliver design solutions for blockchain-based non-fungible token (NFT) features. I worked on both the Minti platform and its sister platform, Fangible. I created "wire-flows," an effective way of showcasing UI work while also communicating how interactions flow from screen to screen. These helped advance direction in creating UI components and prototypes that would be quickly handed to developers.
Something I learned

NFTs are the future of proof-of-ownership

In early 2021 there was a great buzz about NFTs being an artifact for the future, but even today there's still a lot of conflict on what NFTs should be used for and where they're most applicable. In practical use, NFTs are associated with a unique asset and show proof of ownership to peers on a blockchain network.

In my conversations with the team we envisioned what the landscape could be for NFTs beyond artwork, and where Minti could disrupt that space. Utility-based ownership can be applied to cars, houses, and even identity. There's still gridlock in those areas to use blockchain technology, so to start, my work with Minti will showcase proof of concept for them to continue that mission.


Here are some things I worked on

Trophycase feature on Minti
My first project assigned was creating functionality for users to view the curated collections of social media post NFTs. My work involved workshopping wire-flows with the team, and creating prototypes that could be organized into a handoff for developers.
Creating components, maintaining the library
A lot of work needed to go into creating new components to create new functionality and carry over style from other pages into the Trophycase feature. I used Figma to create components and variants for team use.
Live event NFT redemption
I worked with Minti's sister platform, Fangible, on creating a redemption portal for a NFT launch event with a famous influencer. This work required creating a mobile-first flow to determine how event-goers would QR scan into the portal and redeem a unique NFT item.

Want to hear more?

I'm happy to chat more about my work here at Minti. Send me a ping at if you'd like to learn more!