Northern Trust

Roboadvisors - Taking The Wealth Management Landscape By Storm

For decades we have relied on human trial and error for investments. My work on Emotomy has cut against the grain.


My first client engagement working at Cognizant Softvision (fka Devbridge) was with Northern Trust, one of the oldest banks in continuous operation.

A subset of the larger financial institution, Northern Trust Asset Management (NTAM) is a wealth management firm that provides tooling to help investors navigate volatile markets and manifest long-term investment growth. One of their offerings was Emotomy, a platform engaging CIOs, advisors, and investors all in one ecosystem under their custom portfolios as well as NTAM portfolio offerings.

I embarked on one of the most complex journeys of my career - designing in constantly ambiguous problem spaces, navigating warring parties for desired approval, and working in while improving an un-maintained design library and master file. Along the way, I learned extensively on fintech, wealth management, and the world of banking.

Engagement Outcomes
‣ Discovery activities to communicate feature viability
‣ Risk Tolerance Questionnaire configuration
‣ Investment Solutions feature
‣ Goals Planning workflow for investors
‣ Updated design system and pattern library
‣ Product Designer
‣ Worked on product consulting team with PM, business analyst, and engineers.
‣ Engaged discovery & delivery to provide designs for implementation for Emotomy product.
Key Tools & Software Used
Axure RP
Something I learned

The world of banking is covered with red tape when it comes to building software.

Despite the great and grand ideas that came from design sprints, I observed an overwhelming process to push designs through the pipeline to mark an item "Dev Ready." Weekly meetings with new asks from stakeholders, jumping through hoops with legal & compliance teams, and critical items taking precedence over feature rollouts, were all events that I witnessed one too often in the process of pushing out designs for net-new functionality.

Such is the nature of the world of finance as it applies to the bank. As a consulting team we were dealing with unforeseen circumstances that were, for the most part, out of our control.

What we could control was how we built alignment with Northern Trust - over time through the engagement I was able to build rapport and buy-in to building design processes that would more efficiently push net-new work through the approval process. And while that design work embarked on its org-wide tour for additional checks, our team was geared with discovery activities performed at least 2-3 sprints ahead.


A handful of things I worked on:

NFTs on Basic.Space
My first project assigned when onboarding was creating functionality to bid for non-fungible token (NFT) artwork on the platform. We debuted NFTs in a partnership with Naomi Osaka, a world-renowned tennis player, and raised $700,000 in profit.
Establishing a design setup on Figma
I entered a small product team who, at the time, had no designers before. I converted their collection of Adobe XD files to Figma and organized production files in category-appropriate folders for the team's use.
UX audit on site functions
My most ambitious work was determining usability issues with the site's main e-commerce functionality, and proposing ways to move forward to increase engagement, customer conversion, and user satisfaction.
Component library for design work
I helped create a component library that would carry specific elements of a webpage design across the entire collection of Figma files. These components carried over to existing and new files as they became relevant.
Sitewide redesign -- from the ground up
When the findings for the UX audit got to higher management, I was then tasked with finding solutions to the usability issues I found. I spent time focusing on fitting items to a 1280px breakpoint and designing elements with conventions to traditional e-commerce approaches.
Creating a new membership program
I helped journey & produce a new program that would incentivize user spending through an entirely fresh rewards system. The program had to be fleshed out to be "canonized" at every customer touchpoint in terms of content and user flows of conversion.

Want to hear more?

I'm happy to chat more about my work at Basic.Space. Send me a ping at if you'd like to learn more!