Not your ordinary shape-drawing designer.

My name is Shan Hannadige - I'm from sunny California, now based in Chicago, "The Windy City".

I'm fueled by a passion for systems thinking - looking into a problem space and identifying relationships to determine a solution. I've found a career footing in product design by providing meaningful, accessible, and sustainable experiences to users existing in such unique systems.

I have over 4 years of expertise researching problems and identifying solutions for startups and large organizations. I deliver analytical and ethnographic observations that inform elegant design solutions and bring together all structures of the team to influence product decisions.

When I'm not designing, I'm playing basketball at the park, building Legos, recording videos, or anything else that exercises my creativity. Check out my sandbox - it's my online sanctuary for experimenting and self-growth.

Virtual summary


Devbridge - Senior Product Designer
2021 - Present
Working with product teams in some of the world's known brands and emerging companies to discover in problem spaces and deliver cutting-edge digital solutions.

Basic.Space - Product Designer
Identified issues around conversion in an e-commerce setting; delivered solutions to increase key KPIs while delivering a beautiful & immersive experience.

Minti - UI Designer
2021 (contract)
Delivered design work in NFT space for rapid MVP development prior to collecting seed funding.

Fi Design - Founder, Lead Consultant
2019, 2020
Led teams in client projects with Geisel Library and the City of San Diego to observe problems in those product spaces and recommend solutions that address usability issues.

Collabs - Cofounder, Product Designer
2018, 2019
Initiated design and research practices to construct product requirements and app proof-of-concept.


Thinkful UXI Immersion Course

Some of the names I've worked with