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Posted on
December 30, 2021

How did u do this???? Teach me on we flow pls


Posted on
November 27, 2021

Love the site man!!


Posted on
November 21, 2021

AYO clean my litter box !!

Jeff Greeene

Posted on
November 21, 2021

Glad to be here! #nfts

Larry David

Posted on
November 20, 2021

Hey Shan! Glad I found this part of your site. Hope we can connect soon; my assistant has sent you an email to set up a meeting sometime next week -- in the meantime, here's to Shanstagram!

Shan Hannadige

Posted on
November 20, 2021

"Test, test, 1-2-3"

I created this page because I was really skeptical about how my data was being used on social media, and how it was being spread across the world wide web.

The biggest problem with Web 2.0 is that every element of your data profile is used, whether it's the linguistic structure of your last name, your checked interests and hobbies, or any post that you remotely express interest in for a split second longer than others. All that information is used and shared across multiple databases to provide you with an "optimal experience," but really these practices dig into who you are and share that with parties that you don't originally consent to.

I faced issues behind my personal data being harvested and published on consumer data collection sites; the case is that your data may be compromised and published as well. There's a danger of fraud, identity theft, and privacy breach in this evolving big data ecosystem, and as Web 3.0 evolves we'll slowly deviate from all information and focus on consented information.

"Shanstagram" is an experiment to bring the benefits of social media to privately-owned and privately-run platforms without compromising too much on data and dopamine. I built this to share what I want to share with you and the rest of the world, while also being very cognizant of how people were accessing and interacting with the rest of my site's offerings. To add onto this, my site uses Fathom analytics, a GDPR-compliant analytics tool that doesn't collect or store personal data, so I don't have to ask my users for cookies permissions. I am excited to pursue and build a site ecosystem that honors privacy and sustainability.

Please enjoy Shanstagram for what it is, and if you have feedback or suggestions on how to make this better, shoot me an email. Let's chat soon!